MP International Solutions  

MP International Solutions provides you with solutions in an international challenging environment. We provide our professional expertise to companies and organizations, who want to become more efficient or struggle with their projects. 

MP International Solutions is the result of a long-standing and successful partnership between two Senior Consultants: Waltraud Gehrig and Natalia Holl

MP International Solutions specializes in  

  • International Project Management
  • Intercultural Management & Communication
  • Market Research and Social Research

We cooperate with a number of experts fitting our professional requirements and quality standards to guarantee best possible results in the area of our expertise. 

MP International Solutions stands for modern philosophies in an international environment. We aim at dissolving antagonisms, connecting the old with the new and bridging the East with the West. 

We focus on the following geographical areas:

  • Former Soviet Union Republics (FSU): Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Transcaucasus and Central Asia
  • Germany, Switzerland
  • Balkan countries
  • Countries of the Middle East Asia and Middle East North Africa (MEA/MENA) region. 

If you want to have a better understanding of our services you can contact us at any time under the contact section

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